Christmas deliveries 2021

This is always a busy time for us at Tommy’s War, and with new stock arriving it’s promising to be busier than ever!

Please note that we will try and ship all orders out before Christmas, but the postal system is very, very busy at the moment and I can’t promise that your parcel will be delivered.

With global postal systems still recovering from the Covid problem I’ve noticed problems in the US and Australia, but also Italy and Spain have been slow recently.

Therefore, if your order is placed after 9th December 2021 then I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas.

I’d like to ask for patience from customers, as a modeller I know myself what it’s like waiting for those new models, but we have to be realistic, and while I will get all orders out as quickly as possible, I know that some are simply going to get stuck in the mail and take some time to get to you.

But don’t despair, I’ve always got them there. Eventually!

Thank you for your patience.