Changes to the legal title of Tommy’s War

Over the course of the last year Tommy’s War has grown significantly, this has been fantastic news.

Since 2014 the business has traded as Tommy’s War Limited (registered in the United Kingdom).

However, as well as Tommy’s War we are planning new brands and ranges in the fantasy figure market and investing in other business areas which don’t fall under Tommy’s War.

Therefore, from the 1st April 2021 (the start of our Financial Year) we have changed the legal name of the business to Parker-Mead Limited.

How does this affect customers?

In short, it doesn’t.

Tommy’s War becomes one of the trading names of Parker-Mead Limited, you’ll only ever see the legal name in receipts for payment (which you’ll notice on receipts from PayPal or on your credit card).

Other than that, it’s business as usual. The website continues as Tommy’s War and everything other than payment receipt is branded Tommy’s War.

If you’ve seen a recent blog about casting you’ll know that we’re working on cavalry and a few other things at the moment and hope to have them in May.

Nino has completed the Vickers scenario and although I say this every time, this really is absolutely stunning and I do strongly feel its the best release to date. We’ve also amended the American infantryman with the shotgun, that will be available in May/June as well.

Following that, we’re working on more new releases and I’ll be ensuring that we’ll get those out through the year and at the same time ensuring stock of all items is available.

It’s a very exciting time for Tommy’s War and I’m committed to moving the brand forward.

So what else do you have planned?

There are several projects that I’m working on, two of these are based around 32mm fantasy subjects. It might seem strange to go to this from 1/32 scale historical figures – but I’m a keen wargamer and it’s an area I’m passionate about.

As well as those I’ve got other business interested, and therefore the name change helps me. In summary, I’ve created an “umbrella” where my businesses can fall beneath.

But Tommy’s War continues, bigger and better than ever!