Cavalry figures by Peter de Haan

I wanted to share with you the inspiring work of someone who has become a good friend, Peter de Haan.

Based in The Netherlands, Peter has completed all four of the cavalry figures to a fantastic standard, plus the Nery diorama. I’m fortunate to have seen two of the cavalry and the Nery set while over in Peter’s home of The Netherlands while at Scale Model Challenge and they are stunning pieces of work. To cap it all off, Peter is not only a fabulous painter but his groundwork is something else!

A massive thank you to Peter for creating such wonderful pieces and allowing me to share the images.

TW32C01 – Trooper, 9th Lancers, Elouges 1914
TW32C02 – Trooper, Warwickshire Yeomanry, Huj 1917
Trooper – Australian Light Horse, Beersheba 1917
Trooper – 17th Lancers, Amiens 1918

The pressure is now back on more to release more cavalry figures!