Brexit – duties and taxes paid into the EU

The United Kingdom has left the European Union single market and customs union which means that VAT is now payable on goods into EU member states, collected at customs (with handling charges).

How to avoid those charges (EU customers only)

To help avoid any additional charges I have worked with DHL to offer shipping into the European Union with a service that means Tommy’s War pays the VAT on the goods.

Parcels sent from here (UK) will arrive quickly and without any need for customs payments (VAT and additional handling charges).

Due to the cost of this service I have to make this applicable on orders with a value of £100.00 GBP or more only. Orders under £100 will be sent Royal Mail and charges may apply.

Free postage over £60.00 still remains.

How delivery will be applied (European Union only)

Order valueService
Up to £60.00Royal Mail postal (£12.50). VAT and handling charges applied at country of destination
£60.00 to £99.00Free shipping. VAT and handling charges applied at country of destination
£100 and overFree shipping. VAT paid by Tommy’s War. No handling or VAT charges for customers*
Shipping costs for European Union customers 06.01.2021. Note; Products are manufactured within the EU so are not subject to duty, VAT is applicable at the EU state where it is delivered. Orders over £100 use DHL “Duties, Taxes Paid” service which means customer pays no charges.

Frictionless ordering from Tommy’s War

The best ways to order from Tommy’s War without incurring additional charges are;

  1. Order over £100 – I understand this is a large amount, but perhaps order once per year or consolidate orders with friends in the same EU state?
  2. Visit Scale Model Challenge – although SMC didn’t go ahead in 2020 due to Covid we hope things improve so that we can all meet again in 2021. You can come and see us there (and also at the World Expo in 2022) where I’ll be carrying plenty of stock (and you will be able to pre-order in advance).

I’m also looking at other options so that you can get your Tommy’s War figures as easily (and without additional charges) as possible.

But I want to say to my friends in the European Union that Tommy’s War is not leaving you and I’m going to try and make it as easy for you to get your figures as possible.

I’ve got big plans for Tommy’s War in 2021 and beyond and I look forward to sharing these with all of my EU friends!

*While orders sent Duties, Taxes Paid have correct documents and any VAT is paid there may be occasions where customs in a member state handle the consignment incorrectly. If this happens email and I will return any charges applied in error.