Brexit and how it affects Tommy’s War customers

This post does not form in any way a political discussion into the decision to leave the EU an is merely a statement of fact on how this might affect customers of Tommy’s War.

Customers living in the 27 remaining European Union States

You will be pleased to know that I envisage little change in my trade with my friends based in Europe. As a business I have deliberately kept the turnover of Tommy’s War Limited low so that it can fit around work and family life, and as a consequence  the business falls below the VAT threshold – so the business is not VAT registered (and by law does not need to be).

Therefore, in the event of no deal;

  • In the event of no deal being agreed VAT will not be added to any Tommy’s War order leaving the UK for the EU27 countries
  • Local taxes may be applied at the country of receipt of the order (this will be dependent on the terms of that individual country), but as the order values are generally low I do not envisage a problem. Tommy’s War is a business that trades internationally. 60% of turnover is within the UK, 20% within the rest of the EU and 20% is to countries fully outside the EU. I trade to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many and have no issues at all supplying those countries.
  • The only potential area of problem I envisage are some delays in the event of no deal, however I would hope these would be temporary and sorted quickly so we can continue to trade with each other
  • In terms of my supply, you may be aware that my sculpting and casting all comes from the outside the UK but from within the EU, I have built a robust supply chain and despite currency fluctuations have not increased my prices. I don’t plan any further price increases within the next 18 months and commit to absorbing any additional costs. Prices for figures have not increased since 2017 and will not rise before 2021

In the event of a deal I envisage no changes to orders sent within the EU27, business will continue as before.

Timings – it is a complex situation and changing rapidly, but at the moment the new deadline for the UK leaving the EU is 12th April 2019

Customers outside the European Union

If you live outside the European Union I anticipate no changes to your level of service.

Customers within the United Kingdom

Nothing changes

My personal thank you

Anyone who knows me understands that I have a deep love for the countries of Europe, their culture and people. I travel across the continent regularly (I made trips to Spain, Italy, Holland and Germany in recent times) and have many friends in many different countries.

I’d like to say thank you to all for your friendship and support and I look forward to bringing you more great releases and seeing many of you at model shows (particularly Scale Model Challenge) soon.