Why these new releases?

There is a back-story about the origins of the masters for the latest six figures; These figures were part of a collection from a gentleman in Italy who had commissioned Nino Pizzichemi (the same sculptor that I use myself) to create World War One figures. Over the course of the last four years I’ve been […]

New releases from Tommy’s War – April 2021

Right on schedule are six new figures from Tommy’s War; CodeDescriptionTW32CP18Oberleutnant, 3rd Light Infantry Reg, Udine October 1917TW32CP19Musketier 48 Infantry Regiment, Mons 1914TW32CP20Unteroffizier, Motor Transport Column, Macedonia 1916TW32CP21 Shutze, 27 Light Infantry, Battle of Helsinki, April 1918TW32CP22 Private (1), 15 Infanterie Regiment, Amiens 1918TW32CP23 Private (2), 15 Infanterie Regiment, Amiens 1918New Central Power releases from Tommy’s War – […]

The King’s visit

King George V was a regular visitor to the Western Front between 1915 and 1918 as part of his role as the head of the British Armed Forces. World War One plays an important part of the history of the British Monarchy, at the time of the outbreak of war the Royal Family were still […]

New releases – Lewis gunners

New releases TW32BE53 and TW32BE54 depict a Lewis Gunner Number One and Number Two. While referenced as belonging to the 28th Bn Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1918 they are suitable subjects for any British, Irish, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or South African Regiment of the period 1917-1918. Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi and with box art […]

Lewis Gun organisation in World War One

New for March 2021 are two figures depicting a Number One and Number Two gunner of a Lewis Gun team. TW32BE53 – Private, 28th Bn Canadian Expeditionary Force – Mons 1918TW32BE54 – Private, 28th Bn Canadian Expeditionary Force – Mons 1918 TW32BE53 and TW32BE54 from Tommy’s War featuring a Lewis Gun Number One and Two […]

Making Tommy’s War planet friendly

Regular customers will have noticed that cavalry figures, artillery and some of the other larger kits have been packed in printed cardboard boxes. Over the course of this year you’ll see that design reflected in the smaller figure boxes, and I thought this a good time to explain why. When I started Tommy’s War in […]

Release schedule 2021

March 2021 After an extremely busy 2020 I’ve been planning various releases for Tommy’s War which can be seen below. The first figures to be released will be two in the general figure section (now prefixed BE, British Empire – all figures in that section will be updated to reflect that alongside Central Powers and […]

Brexit – duties and taxes paid into the EU

The United Kingdom has left the European Union single market and customs union which means that VAT is now payable on goods into EU member states, collected at customs (with handling charges). How to avoid those charges (EU customers only) To help avoid any additional charges I have worked with DHL to offer shipping into […]

A Vickers progress

You may be aware that I’ve been working on a project to produce a much-requested item – the Vickers machine gun. I started the project in 2018 (which shows how long these things can take) with the creation of the gun and accessories (tripod, ammunition box, water can) digitally which was then 3D printed. The […]

Important update for Tommy’s War Collectors Club members

On January 1st 2021 I’ll be launching a new loyalty scheme for Tommy’s War customers, this is a really exciting way to earn rewards on your spend. It will mean that the Tommy’s War Collectors Club ends 31st December. With that the 20% discount will end, so customers have until the 31st December to qualify […]