Release schedule 2019

Another year seems to be flying by and here we are in the second half of 2019. You’ll possibly be aware of the earlier releases this year (United States Marines and German opponents), so I’m pleased to confirm the release of the next four figures in the remainder of the Tommy’s War release schedule for […]

The Tommy’s War Collectors Club

An announcement for Tommy’s War Collectors Club members; 2019 will be the last year of the Collectors Club and it won’t be returning for 2020 and beyond. Although I’m sad to not extend the club the reasons aren’t bad or due to poor sales (indeed, quite the reverse); The quick reason why (you can read […]

Euro Miniature Expo competition winners

At Euro Miniature Expo last month I awarded a prize for my choice of best Tommy’s War figure in the main competition. I’ve got to admit it was an incredibly tough choice as all the Tommy’s War figures entered were absolutely outstanding. But after a lot of deliberation I decided to award the prize to […]

Stock update 29th May 2019

Just a quick update on the stock position at the moment; I’m pleased to say that I’ve received stock of a few eagerly awaited products; TW32MOT1 Clyno Vickers motorcycle view here TW32VEH1 – Crossley Light Tender view here TW32ART1 – QF 13 pounder view here TW32ART2 – QF 18 pounder view here TW32ART3 – Limber […]

New box art – Musketier, Landsturm Btn

One of the absolute pleasures I have with Tommy’s War is working with such talented artists and being able to show their wonderful work. It is an honour to show the latest piece, completed by Marion Ball. This figure is TW32CP13, released in 2018, and shows a soldier of the German Landsturm from the Eastern […]

Brum, brum, beep, beep, bang, bang!

Over the course of the next week (and subject to Parcelforce delivering on time) I’m expecting delivery of stock of our vehicles. I’m pleased to say there will be ample stock of the artillery (13 pounder, 18 pounder and limber) and a small number of Clyno Vickers motorcycles and Crossley Light Tenders. But don’t fear, […]

Join the Tommy’s War Collectors Club

The Tommy’s War Collectors Club gives you, the modeller, the chance to buy Tommy’s War figures with a 20% discount PLUS an exclusive Tommy’s War Collectors Club figure. For an annual subscription you also receive ur newsletter which is only made available to collectors. By combining the 20% discount, plus our FREE SHIPPING option on […]

New from Tommy’s War – the Battle at Belleau Wood 1918

I’m pleased to announce the latest figures in the Tommy’s War range. This release looks at the impact of the United States joining the war effort with their huge industrial might and one of the first major battles that they took part in at Belleau Wood in June 1918. The release will consist of two […]

Brexit and how it affects Tommy’s War customers

This post does not form in any way a political discussion into the decision to leave the EU an is merely a statement of fact on how this might affect customers of Tommy’s War. Update 12.04.2019 – the current political position that any decision for the UK to leave the European Union has been deferred […]

New release schedule – update March 2019

With new releases due in April and anticipation running high, I thought it a good time to give a general update on new releases for 2019 through to 2020. In the model industry we work many months ahead, so despite best planning there can be delays or problems which lead to things having to move. […]