It’s been a busy few months at Tommy’s War and the international lock-downs have meant a cancellation of model shows, I have seen an increase in online orders. Higher than anticipated sales mean a number of items have been out of stock, which is always frustrating, but I’ve been working with my caster to get […]

TW32C04 17th Lancer stock update

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your kind comments and feedback following the release of the latest cavalry figure TW32C04, 17th Lancer. The response was a little overwhelming and certainly exceeded my expectations. I wanted to provide a quick update on orders and also stock to reassure customers who have already placed orders or want […]

Out of production update

I often get questions about previously released products that are now out of production, so as a quick guide here’s a listing of what is out of scope and won’t be available; Douglas motorcycle – I no longer have the masters or moulds for this, therefore it is out of stock and I have no plans […]

TW32C04 – 17th Lancer

NEW from Tommy’s WarTW32C04 – Trooper, 17th Lancers, Amiens 1918 I’m delighted to bring you news of a great new release, the fourth in the very popular cavalry series, a Trooper of the 17th Lancers. This figure is set at the latter part of the war, viewing the battlefield ready for action. By 1918 cavalry […]

Coming back to stock 2020

Updated 22nd July 2020 The release of the latest cavalry figure in the range (TW32C04, Trooper, 17th Lancers) was a huge success, and I confess took me somewhat by surprise. I received 65 kits which I expected would last 2-3 months with the remaining 35 to follow. That first 65 lasted just 48 hours and […]

Back in stock

With the release of the new figure TW32C04 I’m pleased to confirm the following are back in stock*; TW32C03 – Trooper, Australian Light Horse, Beersheba 1917 Buy here TW32C03 – Trooper, Australian Light Horse, Beersheba 1917 TW32S04 – Walking Wounded Buy here TW32S04 – Walking Wounded TW32CP08 – Pionier, 5th Storm Bn Rohr, Verdun June […]

Tommy’s War painting guide

I’ve had many requests for a painting guide, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve worked with Alex Long to produce a beginners guide which gives you information on how to paint a British infantryman with Vallejo colours. Simply click here to view online or download your copy for FREE!

Draft release schedule 2020/21

While the UK and much of the world remains on lockdown, I’ve been busy planning and researching future releases, and I thought it would be good to share some early thoughts. At this point I have to stress that this is strictly a draft list and subject to many variables, we’re living in uncertain times […]

The Tommy’s War Modellers Group

The Facebook Tommy’s War Modellers Group If you’re looking to complete a Tommy’s War project or want tips on technique, then you might want to take a look at the Tommy’s War Modellers Group on Facebook. The private group consists of World War One modelling enthusiasts showing their work in progress and completed works and […]

We’re still open. For now…

Further restrictions have been enforced in the UK to stop the spread of Coronavirus. However, at this moment mail order businesses are not subject to restriction and Tommy’s War remains able to send orders. I am expecting this to change in the next few days or weeks and expect not to be able to ship […]