Back to bases and ladders without snakes

It’s been an extremely busy four weeks for me since the launch of the new figures.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement and it was fantastic to see you many of you at Euro Miniature Expo. I hope to see you there next May (yes, the date has changed for 2019 onwards!), but in the meantime it’s back to business.

One area I’ve been trying to get back to was the bases, which are ever popular. The listing system for the 5×5 series wasn’t working properly, and in the end I gave up. But I’ve now resisted the series individually which will help me track stock.

For those of you who don’t recall the 5×5 series of bases, let me summarise. The system was developed by Andy Belsey and ingeniously comprises of 5 bases and 5 sides which can be used in any combination to create a small diorama base in 1/32 scale. Simply select any base and any side and they will fit together. The series comprises of the following;


You can find all of the bases listed here

You’ll also find information of a new listing which I think will be popular, a set of WW1 ladders also sculpted by Andy Belsey. Shown here with one of the 5×5 bases each pack consists of 4 ladders. I deal if you’re building a 1/32 scale World War One diorama.