Disruption to postal services December 2020

You may be aware of disruptions to the UK postal services at the moment in relation to Covid and the discovery of a faster transmitting variant of the virus.

The majority of Tommy’s War post (approximately 95%) is through the postal system (Royal Mail in the UK) and their latest update can be found here;


My understanding is that all parcels posted by me by Friday 18th December are in the system. On Monday 21st December I posted 12 international parcels at 8am before being aware of the latest advice.

Update 22.12.2020 16:00

I’ve been reliably informed that any parcel due for deliver into the EU is on-hold in the Royal Mail system and won’t be released until January 4th 2021.

All parcels marked as “dispatched” are in the Royal Mail system and may be subject to delays. At this point I’m afraid I can’t offer further information (the tracking doesn’t give me any additional detail to what can be found at www.royalmail.com).

I advise that all parcels not yet received (internationally) will be subject to delays. I am sure they will get there eventually and I hope the situation with freight is resolved quickly.

I have two further orders for the EU which were marked to leave today. I’m now going to hold on to those until Royal Mail change their advice.

I will email everyone affected individually.

At this point, UK deliveries are not affected – other than there are delays in the postal system due to staff shortages due to Covid related illness.

I’m told International services outside the EU are open, but I would anticipate some delays.

If anyone needs any further information please email me at darren@tommyswar.com – I will be working over Christmas but not online constantly, so please be patient.

I understand this is a frustrating time, but we will get your parcels to you. I will continue to monitor the situation and give updates.

Thank you for your patience.