Duckboards are a very popular product as they were ubiquitous along the muddier sections of the Western Front.

In the past I’ve produced sections of duckboard, those masters aren’t available any longer so with the help of diorama guru Andrew Belsey, we’ve created new ones.

Here, I’ll explain what is supplied and how they work.

In the pack you’ll find four sections of duckboard;

  1. Two sections measure 75mm in length
  2. Two sections measure 55mm in length
Four pieces of duckboard are provided in each pack, two of each size

These two different sizes work in different ways;

  1. The 75mm sections work side-by-side for a double-width duckboard
  2. The 75mm sections interlock to create one length 110mm width
The longer sections work side-by-side to create a double-width section of walkway, while the shorter sections interlock to create a long single section.

The end result is that in one pack you get multiple options for creating duckboard walkways for your diorama. All the pieces can be used together or singly, all can be cut to the shape you need.

My thanks to Andrew Belsey for creating the new masters for these duckboards