Out of production update

I often get questions about previously released products that are now out of production, so as a quick guide here’s a listing of what is out of scope and won’t be available;

Douglas motorcycle – I no longer have the masters or moulds for this, therefore it is out of stock and I have no plans to produce any new motorcycle kits.

Thornycroft trucks – these are out of production and I’ve no plans to return to them, I’ve stated previously that I’m happy to pass the rights to production to another company but never had any interest. If any manufacturer wants to start selling these kits then get in touch.

Deeds that Thrill the Empire (Spion Kop) – I no longer have the masters or moulds for this set of figures.

North and South (American Civil War) – the final copies of this are available at www.dpmminis.com, the range is discontinued.

Dawn of the Apocalypse (Zombies) – this range is discontinued in it’s current form, it may return in another format (size) but nothing is in progress. Last stock is available at www.dpmminis.com

In terms of future plans for Tommy’s War; these will revolve around figures sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi with perhaps bases or additional equipment where it compliments the figure release.