Coming back to stock 2020

With the release of TW32C04 (Trooper, 17th Lancers) and the return to stock of some items, my focus turns to new releases for later in 2020 and also the return to stock of some long-waited items.

I’m expecting my next batch of casting to come into stock around September time, this will some new releases plus stock of following products;


Due to a change in casters for these products we’ve had to create new moulds for the bases that have been shown as out of stock for some time. I expect the following to be back in stock in September;

  • TW32DIO1
  • TW32DIO5 (5 x 5 bases series)

All other bases are now out of production


The following are also due for return;

  • TW32021 – Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery, Néry 1914
  • TW32022 – Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery, Néry 1914 (casualty)
  • TW32S01 – The Affair at Néry 1914

The two figures (TW32021 and TW32022) required repairs and were returned to Nino, these are complete and we’re re-moulding the figures. This will mean the Nery Box set (TW32S01) will also make a return.

Other items

In addition to the above, I also expect to receive stock of the following items;

  • TW32C01 – Trooper, 9th Lancers
  • TW32ART2 – QF 18 pounder
  • TW32MOT1 – Clyno Vickers motorcycle

If you would like notifications of when these items will be back available to order then head over to the individual product page (you can find it by searching the product code in the search bar at the top of this page) and entering your email address in the ‘back in stock notifier’.