Coming back to stock 2020

Updated 22nd July 2020

The release of the latest cavalry figure in the range (TW32C04, Trooper, 17th Lancers) was a huge success, and I confess took me somewhat by surprise. I received 65 kits which I expected would last 2-3 months with the remaining 35 to follow. That first 65 lasted just 48 hours and I apologise for any frustration that more were not available.

The good news is that I have a further 60 figures here with me from my caster. I’m currently in the process of checking and packing those into their individual boxes. My aim is to log those onto the website on Friday 25th July.

The best way to be altered to this is to add your email to the ‘back in stock notifier’ on the products page (you can find that here).

A small warning here – there are already 40 people signed up to that notifier, and with only 60 kits available I’m expecting these to sell extremely quickly as well.

On Friday I will also be uploading additional stock of the following items:

  • TW32023 – Corporal, 1st Bn London Irish
  • TW32039 – Private, 1/4 Bn Seaforth Highlanders
  • TW32S04 – Walking Wounded
  • TW32C02 – Trooper, Warwickshire Yeomanry, Huj 1917
  • CS45 – LifeColor World War One paint set

I appreciate that it’s frustrating that stock isn’t available but sales have been far higher than anticipated across the board, which is fantastic, but a little trying!

Stock replenishment September

I’m conscious that even with this new stock a number of items remain out of stock and I am sure TW32C04 won’t last long. But the good news is that new stock arrives in September (with the September releases – see here for a list) and will be substantial and you’ll see a large number of products back in stock;


Due to a change in casters for these products we’ve had to create new moulds for the bases that have been shown as out of stock for some time. I expect the following to be back in stock in September;

  • TW32DIO1
  • TW32DIO5 (5 x 5 bases series)

All other bases are now out of production


The following figures are also due for return;

  • TW32002 – Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
  • TW32020 – Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery, Nery 1914
  • TW32021 – Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery, Néry 1914
  • TW32022 – Gunner, Royal Horse Artillery, Néry 1914 (casualty)TW32014 – Sergeant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
  • TW32CP01 – Private, Turkish Infantry
  • TW32CP06 – Unteroffizier, Angriffdivision

Two figures (TW32021 and TW32022) required repairs and were returned to Nino, these are complete and we’re re-moulding the figures. This will mean the Nery Box set (TW32S01) will also make a return.

Other items

In addition to the above, I also expect to receive stock of the following items in September;

  • TW32S01 – The Affair at Nery box set
  • TW32C01 – Trooper, 9th Lancers
  • TW32C03 – Trooper, Australian Light Horse
  • TW32ART2 – QF 18 pounder
  • TW32MOT1 – Clyno Vickers motorcycle

If you would like notifications of when these items will be back available to order then head over to the individual product page (you can find it by searching the product code in the search bar at the top of this page) and entering your email address in the ‘back in stock notifier’.

Out of Production (OOP) Items

I’m regularly asked about other items that appeared in this, and other, ranges – to find out the status of those items check here