The launch of DPM Minis

This week sees the launch of a new brand and website under the umbrella of my legal company; Tommy’s War Limited.

Through my ten years of trading Tommy’s War has always been the main brand that I’ve concentrated on, but I have dipped my toe into a few other ranges such as Dawn of the Apocalypse (fantasy horror), North and South (American Civil War) and Victoria’s Heroes (British 19th Century).

Over the last year I’ve expanded Tommy’s War and had to rent a storage unit to hold all the stock. This has given me more room for the other ranges I hold and to be able to organise them a little better.

With that in mind, I’ve now got that old stock (which was buried under a bunch of other stuff) organised and packed now and I’ve been working on a website where customers can buy them.

So, DPM Minis ( is born. On this site I’ll be selling both Dawn of the Apocalypse and the remainder of the North and South stock. The Victoria’s Heroes range was sold to Stuart at Stormtroopers, I no longer have those figures.

I’ll also be listing some of the latest releases from Tommy’s War in case customers want to buy those as well and save postage – but I’ve no plans to list the full TW range.

Note; I’ve no plans for DPM Minis to take-over from Tommy’s War. Tommy’s War Limited remains the legal company and Tommy’s War will remain my major focus.

The ranges

For those not familiar with the ranges;

North and South

This product consists of three 70mm (approx 1/24 scale) resin figures of the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry (Duryees Zouaves) and is based on their action at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run (2nd Battle of Manassas);

  • Private
  • Officer
  • Color bearer (note US spelling)

The figures were digitally sculpted by David Richardson and initially only the Private and Color Bearer were released under the Dark World Creations brand. In 2017 I obtained the rights for the range, which included the Officer, and commissioned all three to be painted as box art by Ernesto Reyes.

The three figures were sold in a limited run of 100 as a box set. As I write this I have 11 sets remaining. Once these are sold they won’t be reproduced (I don’t have the masters) and it’s unlikely I’ll produce any further ACW figures.

Therefore, the final 11 sets (correct at the time of writing this) are now for sale at £60.00. The set includes all three figures (the Officer is unique to this set) plus brass tube for the flag and printed copies of flags, in a presentation box with painting references. With free worldwide shipping on this product it’s an absolute bargain.

Note: the flag shown on the box art was hand painted by Ernesto Reyes and is not the flag included in the set. The flags in the set are on a printed sheet (see below) and replace the photo-etch and resin versions previously included. Any customer that has the Advance the Colors set previously purchased can pick-up the printed flags from me at model shows.

Printed flags for both colors (US spelling) are included in the box set, anyone who has purchased the set in the past can pick-up a copy of the flags at any of the model shows I will be attending this year.

Dawn of the Apocalypse

This is a post apocalypse range of 70mm figures (approximately 1/24 scale) with a zombie theme. Originally released by Dark World Creations I obtained the rights to the brand and figures in around 2018. I also purchased some 1/35 figures from another manufacturer.

At this point I’ll focus on the 1/24 figures (and a 1/10 bust) as I think these are the more commercially attractive of the figures. I’m selling these at really good prices for this scale. From memory these retailed at around £40 when first released.

I do have the master for a new figure, which I’ll probably release later this year. Once I’ve cleared the old stock the range will be closed.

Frequent asked questions

Will this range take-over from Tommy’s War?

No, it’s designed to promote and clear old stock

Will you be releasing other range of figures?

Potentially. There is only one new figure in the pipeline for Dawn of the Apocalypse (and that was started over 2 years ago). I’m currently concentrating on Tommy’s War through 2020, into 2021 and beyond.

Can I get Collectors Club discount?

Yes and no. The site at won’t recognise Collectors Club members so won’t give any discount. However, if you want to order any of the DPM Minis (or include any TW figures at the same time) then email me at and I’ll organise your order. I can apply the 20% discount accordingly. Note; free postage on orders over £60 still applies, but only on orders after discount is applied

Will you be attending model shows:

Only as Tommy’s War. As the ranges within DPM Mini’s is limited and clearance it’s not economical for me to book additional space. I’ll be at a small number of shows with the full Tommy’s War range. I won’t have stock of any of the other ranges with me at those shows, but I can bring any items pre-ordered. You can pre-order by emailing me at

It’s worth noting that with Dawn of the Apocalypse and North and South that both ranges have limited numbers of stock now available. Both brands will be closed at the point that I judge stock won’t clear and that stock will be destroyed along with moulds etc. This is the last chance to pick-up these figures.