Important notice for Tommy’s War Collectors Club members

As there is no Collectors Club for 2020 (it will return in 2021) I’m extending all memberships dated from 2016/17/18 and 2019 to 31st December 2020.

This means anyone who was a member of the Collectors Club will receive a 20% discount on their orders at until the end of this year.

This affects over 350 individuals, the number of people who have joined the Collectors Club since 2016.

However, the software that runs the Collectors Club needs to have those dates updated manually. I’ve asked two IT companies to look into this and they have confirmed that there is no way of bulk updating those dates.

Unfortunately the manual process is extremely time-consuming and while I’ve managed to update around 150 memberships this took me nearly 3 weeks (between work, jobs at home etc)

So, if you were a member of the Collectors Club at any point over the last four years and your membership does not show your discount then don’t worry – simply email me at before you place an order and I will update it. It will take moments to be updated.

Important; please do not place an order then ask for the discount back, it is far quicker for me to update your membership first and that way there is no need to wait for refunds to be processed – simply email me at and I’ll update your dates promptly

If you are considering placing an order in the next few weeks then please contact me at and I’ll update your membership