Belleau Wood video

With the launch of the second wave of figures in the Belleau Wood diorama I though it would be perfect timing to share this video which was produced by the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Showing the assault on the wood the video shows several pieces of equipment included in the Tommy’s War set including the Chauchat machine gun.

I know a question I’ll be asked is if I’ll add a figure with a shotgun, the answer is that I’d like to in the future, it won’t be part of the Belleau Wood set or be a retrospective part of it, but I’d like to show a US Infantryman with a shotgun in a trench scenario at some point.

The Belleau Wood diorama is a set of eight figures from Tommy’s War, these are model kits cast in a light grey resin in 1/32 scale for the modeller to assemble and paint.

The eight figures show four United States Marine Corps fighting four German infantrymen in the wood some time during the attack.

The set is available here with all eight figures, as shown in the diorama below.

TW32S05 – Belleau Wood 1918 by Tommy’s War

All eight figures are also available individually.

The figures are based on a Peter Dennis Illustration from the Osprey publication; Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood 1918.

I hope that the Belleau Wood diorama is a fitting tribute to all who fought through April 1918, we’ve tried to convey the drama of the brutal fighting of that time in a way that doesn’t glamorise violence but tells the story about the young men that gave their lives throughout that battle.