World War One modelling painting reference book

I’ve been asked over the years if I would consider publishing a book on painting World War One figures. My answer has always been that there are some outstanding references available and that the Scale Model Handbook range by Mr Black Books is the ideal publication for modellers of all abilities.

So, I was delighted when I saw recently that they had released a World War One Special. There are a wide number of subjects in this book, including several from Tommy’s War, which provide some fantastic tips.


This volume is definitely recommended if you’re a WW1 modeller.

You can find out more about the Scale Model Handbook range from Mr Black Books directly here

If you’d like to buy a copy and you’re in the UK then Historex Agents have the series (the new WW1 version doesn’t seem to be listed yet, but I’m sure it will be soon) and can be found here