Tommy’s War Collectors Club – now officially bigger than ever

The Collectors Club has underpinned Tommy’s War for the past two years, and I’m delighted to say that an important milestone was reached over the weekend when the numbers of members enrolled for 2017 exceeded the figure for 2016.

The Club was developed to reward my most loyal customers. I always thought it an odd contradiction in this hobby that while at shows I would see my ‘regulars’ who would come along and buy the latest releases, followed then by modellers who didn’t buy often and would ask for a discount.

For me the eureka moment came at Euro Militaire 2 years ago. I very good customer came along and purchased every new release without question. Ten minutes later someone I’d not seen before asked if he purchased two figures what the discounted price should be.

That got me thinking. Why does the hobby reward infrequent customers, and thereby penalise the most loyal? Of course, the answer is that the infrequent buyer should pay the full price and the regular customer, those that have supported me for years should get the benefit. I’d like to add that I’m not decrying the infrequent customer, their business is just as important to a small business like Tommy’s War, but I’m sure everyone understands that it’s my frequent customers that I really need to focus on.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit it’s not been easy setting up the Collectors Club and it’s certainly not been without it’s challenges and errors from my part, but now in it’s second year I feel I’m getting the hang of it.

So, I was delighted when the number of memberships exceeded the 2016 level last week, and with the images of the next Collectors Club Special to follow I think I can go further.

I can’t tell you the pleasure it gives me when someone signs up for a membership and then logs back in and places an order, and in the process receives a discount higher than their membership fee. To me that is the scheme working perfectly, because not only is that customer getting an immediate benefit, they are getting their Collectors Club Special for effectively no cost to them. That makes me very happy.

You see, I value my regular customers above anything else, without the loyal army of Tommy’s War customers I would not have Tommy’s War and I wouldn’t be releasing these wonderful creations of Nino, Benoit and others.

So every time someone joins the club I smile and say thank you.

I’m at this very moment working on the Collectors Club for 2018 which I’m aiming to announce in September. Taking onboard customer feedback I want to change the way it works and make the Collectors Club Special available with the membership pack. That means members won’t select the figure, but I think I’ve got enough of a handle on what customers want to come up with something great.

In addition I’ve been thinking about the welcome pack, I think in the past I’ve focused on the discount and special figure and not really put enough thought in to the welcome. So, I’m looking at options on the welcome pack, the membership card will remain and I’ll probably box a welcome pack with some nice information and perhaps even a lapel badge. Of course, that box can then contain the Collectors Club Special, making it more of a ‘wow factor for customers.

The word ‘customer’ appears many times in this muse, that’s because I really do put customers at the heart of Tommy’s War, I’m sincerely grateful for all your custom and with some great plans for Tommy’s War in the pipeline I see a bright future for World War One modelling.